The kingdom of Valshour has fallen. The neighbouring country of Gossen has, for the last three years, attacked your homeland without quarter. Five years ago, it was rumored that the young prince Rens III of Gossen had fallen in with a strange religious cult. Shortly thereafter, the assassination of Regent Maxwith brought Rens onto the throne. Little news came from Gossen for a time, until suddenly massed armies appeared at the borders and attacked.

The forces of Valshour, under the leadership of King Lysander Cermet, fought bravely for the last three years. Unfortunately Gossen, with the aid of strange mages and sinister creatures, has proven to be an unstoppable force. Valshour is almost no more, the royal family is dead, and King Cermet’s head has been placed atop the highest tower of his castle.

No-one knows why Gossen has broken the centuries-old peace with their neighbor. No-one knows what Rens III plans to do with the newly conquered territories he holds. No-one knows what is happening in Gossen at all.

Maybe you can find out.

Red Moon is played in the RL most Thursday nights.

Red Moon