This sprawling city covers most of a small island in the Lerastt Sea Archipelago off the coast of Valshour. Its history as a smuggler’s cove is centuries old, and it has been home to some of the most famous pirates in the history of the Lerastt Sea.

Millhaven is the dominant naval force in the area, simply from the ties it has to all the pirates, smugglers and freebooters in the area. In the past, forces foolish enough to attack Millhaven have been decimated by flotillas of hundreds of ships.

The city is run by a Governor who has a three year term of office. Voting is held on Midwinter Day every three years, and the winner of the election is instated as Governor on the first day of Spring. The Governors are typically even-handed in the ruling of Millhaven, mainly due to the short lifespan of the more ambitious holders of the office. The present Governor is a female tiefling named Isty Proler.

There are laws and a city guard, but they are relatively lax. A lightly controlled chaos is the normal state of things in Millhaven, and the citizens tend to do a fine job of keeping the peace most of the time.


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