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  • Tristan Wheel

    Ex-Smuggler, ship's pilot. Helped refugees escape from Valshour before the invasion of Gossen. Lives in Millhaven, assists the party by captaining their ship. Friend of: PCs, Elanor Novalis, Jasine Ofin Enemies: Gossen, Ethan Linnet (Deceased)

  • Ethan Linnet

    Petty thief of Millhaven, head of a gang of toughs based out of the abandoned bathhouse 'The Reedy Bank'. Hates Tristan Wheel because of an old slight years ago when Wheel was still a smuggler based in Millhaven. Deceased, killed by PCs.

  • Jasine Ofin

    Ex-adventurer, now innkeeper. Used to be a moderately successful bard. Still occasionally plays music in the common room of her inn, The Last Cat.

  • Strutter

    Strutter is an old goblin alchemist, and runs the shop 'Strutter's' in Millhaven. He is well connected in town, and sells both information and his alchemical creations in his shop. He is also a source for disenchanting and enchanting items. He has a …

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