Red Moon

The Story Thus Far
on Red Moon...

Working on catching this up to where the adventure is at the moment.

Our heroes, Gregor (dwarf paladin), Trine (half-elf shaman), and Theris (elf ranger) have all escaped from the kingdom of Valshour before it’s destruction by the neighboring country of Gossen. Having rescued the ex-smuggler Tristan Wheel and the orphan Elanor Novalis, they made their way to the pirate town of Millhaven.

Once there, they were forced into action to rescue Wheel a second time, this time from the depredations of a band of thieves led by the ‘master of vermin’ Ethan Linnet.

Since then they have been hired to travel to the nearby island of Gridania, to investigate the ruins of Aster Temple, and retrieve from it’s depths the tome known only as the Saint of Parasites.

That’s the basics so far.


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